Installers can sometimes run into issues when installing our YF10C R/S Contact. Before submitting a ticket, you should read this article to ensure you are using the correct installation method.

Issue: Tamper/Open Circuit on Contact

There are a number of causes for this issue. You should first ensure that the contact is operating correctly by removing it from the installation and bringing it to a test area with a multimeter. Check your zone wires without the magnet in place on your multimeter to ensure that you are getting the correct open resistance (EOL + ALARM). If you can not obtain the correct resistance in a test area, please raise a ticket.

If you can get the correct open contact resistance, make sure that you are using the magnet supplied with the contact. Magnets from previous installations and other manufacturers will likely cause the contact to tamper.

Using our magnet, line up the small arrow on the magnet with the round spot on the contact. This is the optimal alignment zone. Excessive lateral variation on this alignment (wobbly old doors are a big cause) will tamper the contact.


If this setup still causes the contact to tamper, horizontally rotate the magnet 180 degrees and retry. If you have the correct closed resistance after this, you should unscrew the plastic magnet housing inside the magnet and rotate it to suit. Your magnet should then close the contact successfully in the correct orientation.


Despite having a functioning contact & magnet, it is still possible for it to not operate correctly when installed. This is almost always due to magnetic interference and is most commonly seen when installing the contact on steel reinforced concrete floors. The presence of large amounts of magnetic material can affect the normal operation of the contact. If this is the case, you should purchase a rubber spacer (part code: SPA-RS) from your distributor and use this to place a gap between the contact and the floor. This spacer negates the interference and should ensure proper operation. The spacer often resolves intermittent tamper issues.


Failing all of the above, raise a ticket and we will assist you as soon as possible.